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May 23, 2024
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AAP’s MP Sushil Gupta reaches Parliament wearing Tomato and Ginger garland, Demands action on soaring food prices”

New Delhi, – In a striking display of protest against rising food prices and inflation, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Member of Parliament Sushil Gupta arrived at the hallowed halls of Parliament adorned with a garland made of tomatoes and ginger. The unconventional move sent shockwaves through the political arena and captured the attention of the nation.

Sushil Gupta, a Rajya Sabha MP from the Aam Aadmi Party known for his active stance on social issues, took to his official Twitter account to share an image of himself proudly wearing the symbolic garland. Accompanying the picture was a poignant message that read, “Bahut hui mahange tomato ki maar, abki baar…..” This creative play on words underscored his call for change and immediate action to address the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader had previously uploaded a video on Twitter, drawing attention to the long queues of citizens awaiting their turn to purchase tomatoes. The video highlighted the harsh reality faced by ordinary people as they grappled with the economic strain caused by inflation. In his tweet, he exclaimed, “Even at a distance of 100 meters from the Parliament, there is a long line to buy tomatoes. For the last several days, we are searching for Modi ji in the Parliament, but do not know where he is missing.”

Sushil Gupta’s symbolic gesture resonated deeply with a population reeling under the weight of economic hardships. In a passionate address to the media, he remarked, “The people of the country have to stand in long queues to get tomatoes. Manipur is burning, Haryana is burning, and the whole of India is burning due to inflation.”

Gupta’s unique form of protest has sparked conversations across social media platforms, drawing both support and critique. While some lauded his creative approach to drawing attention to the pressing issue of inflation, others questioned the effectiveness of such unconventional methods in bringing about tangible change.

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