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June 22, 2024
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Another murder rocks Muzaffarpur: Ashutosh Shahi killed near Sameer Kumar’s murder spot

Police Investigation Intensifies: Possible Links Uncovered in Ashutosh Shahi’s Murder

Muzaffarpur (Bihar) : The city is in shock once again as another murder has taken place, reminiscent of the chilling assassination of former mayor Sameer Kumar five years ago. However, this time, the assailants did not employ AK 47 or 56 firearms like in Sameer Kumar’s murder. Instead, they used a small, sophisticated weapon, indicating that the criminals involved were likely sharpshooters. The choice of small weapons may have been a deliberate move to avoid detection by Ashutosh Shahi’s bodyguard.

The victim of this heinous crime was Ashutosh Shahi, a prominent land businessman who was also one of the accused in the murder of Sameer Kumar. The tragic incident occurred around 9:15 pm on a Friday night, barely 50 meters away from the spot where Sameer was brutally killed, raising eyebrows and giving rise to numerous speculations.

One of the four miscreants involved in Ashutosh’s murder made a shocking statement after the crime, saying, “Whatever he does, he will pay; this is the result of cheating.” An eyewitness who overheard this chilling remark revealed that the motive behind the murder might have been related to someone Ashutosh had deceived.

The recent days have witnessed a heated dispute over the possession of the fish market situated in Kalyani. Finally, with the assistance of a public representative, Ashutosh Shahi managed to take control of the market. However, many believe that such an act would have been impossible for him to achieve alone, leading to suspicions about possible conspirators behind the murder.

In the wake of the disturbing events, the Janata Dal United (JDU) party is calling for accountability and swift action. They are demanding the resignation of those involved in the Manipur incident, seeking to address the growing concerns over the safety and security of the people.

Ramkripal Yadav, a prominent leader within the JDU, has spoken out on the matter, expressing deep concern over the escalating violence and the need for urgent measures to ensure the safety of citizens. His statement is drawing attention to the gravity of the situation and emphasizing the urgency for a prompt resolution.

Additionally, Ashutosh had an ongoing feud with the notorious Mantu Sharma. Last year, Mantu Sharma had threatened Vijender, alias Vikku, a member of Ashutosh Shahi’s group, demanding Rs 50 lakh for alleged cheating in a land deal. Vikku filed an FIR in response to the threat. Ashutosh Shahi acted as a witness in this case, and as a result, Mantu Sharma was arrested by the police in Mumbai. However, he later secured bail. The unresolved tension between Ashutosh and Mantu adds complexity to the investigation of the recent murder.

The city is now buzzing with discussions about the motives behind this latest act of violence and speculation about whose number might be next on the list. As the police continue their investigation, the community remains on edge, hoping for justice to be served and an end to the cycle of violence that has shaken the city.

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