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February 22, 2024
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“Ashwani Joshi urges government reflection amidst rising agitation in Punjab”

Nawanshahr: Punjab is violent with agitation fever. Renowned Social activist from Nawanshahr Ashwani Joshi in an interview to the media said that recent blockade by agitating farmers is one thing but erratic, unwise, unguided route diversions by the deputation police is more discouraging and nuisance.

He stressed that Government must introspect and realize it’s failures to assess the situation in advance and do the needful in keeping with modern technology and services.

The government’s intelligence lies in collecting the surging sentiments of the people who have voted you to the power to make their government to work for them and not to fill the personal coffers of ministers or leaders, he added.

Joshi argued that the Government could be wise if deterioration of public sentiments were judged in advance and timely decisions were taken in favour of public welfare. This would reduce the agitations and better peace will prevail with better sense. Sooner is better, or else Punjab is preparing for another revolution that may get violent. And violence does not suit to the common public.

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