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June 21, 2024
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Bad news for consumers: Tomato prices expected to remain high for next two months

Nwe Delhi: In an unfortunate turn of events, tomato prices in the country have reached exorbitant levels, causing concerns among consumers. The retail market has witnessed a significant surge in tomato prices, with rates soaring from Rs 80 to Rs 280 per kilogram. Adding to the worries, a recent report suggests that tomato prices are unlikely to decrease in the coming months, with traders speculating that prices will remain above Rs 100 per kilogram for at least two months.

Chandramani Borkar, a trader at the Nagpur Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC), expressed pessimism regarding any substantial reduction in tomato prices. After visiting tomato growing centers, Borkar shared that the current prices are unlikely to ease for the common people. Heavy rainfall across several states, including Maharashtra, has led to crop damage, exacerbating the tomato price crisis. Additionally, transportation disruptions due to road closures have resulted in the rotting of tomatoes in transit.

The surge in tomato prices has been swift and alarming. In June, tomatoes were being sold at around Rs 40 per kilogram. However, with the onset of monsoon rains in early July, prices skyrocketed, crossing the Rs 100 mark. Over the past few weeks, tomatoes have been priced at Rs 100 to Rs 200 per kilogram in various cities across the country. Reports suggest that continuous rainfall in some regions may further escalate tomato prices, potentially reaching Rs 300 in the upcoming weeks.

The sowing of tomatoes typically occurs in May or June, with a production cycle of 60 to 90 days. However, due to the heavy rains, farmers are facing challenges in sowing tomatoes, resulting in potential delays in price stabilization. Farmers are hopeful that once the rainfall subsides, they will be able to sow the crop. Tomatoes are typically harvested approximately 60 days after sowing.

In the capital city of Delhi, tomatoes are currently being sold at retail prices ranging from Rs 140 to Rs 180 per kilogram. While Delhi’s rates may be comparatively lower than in other states, where prices have reached up to Rs 200 per kilogram, tomatoes remain an expensive commodity for consumers across the board. As the tomato price crisis persists, consumers are urged to brace themselves for continued high prices in the coming months.

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