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May 19, 2024
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“Behold the ‘Bahubali truck’: 416 tires, 39 meters long, and 10 months on the road journey”

New Delhi: In a remarkable sight on the roads of Sirsa district, Haryana, a colossal “Bahubali truck” has become the talk of the town. This mammoth journey began nearly 10 months ago and is far from over. While we’ve all seen our fair share of trucks on the road, the Baahubali truck is truly a sight to behold, boasting a staggering 416 tires.

But what makes this truck a Bahubali, you might wonder? Well, it’s not just any ordinary truck. These massive vehicles have captured the imagination of the locals due to their sheer size and scale. This exceptional truck commenced its journey from Kandla Port in Gujarat nearly a year ago, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill cargo carrier.

According to media reports, this behemoth is transporting essential equipment destined for a refinery located in Bathinda. To pull this truck, two trucks are running in front and one behind it. The Baahubali truck stretches an astounding 39 meters in length and sports an astounding 416 tires.

Ravinder Pandey, the technical incharge accompanying the truck, shared some insights into this epic journey. He mentioned that the journey had commenced from Kandla Port in Gujarat around 9-10 months ago but faced delays due to adverse weather conditions along the way. Nevertheless, the truck has now arrived in Sirsa district, and from here, its final destination is the Bathinda refinery. Approximately 25 to 30 people are part of this extraordinary journey, ensuring its smooth progress.

The sheer dimensions of the truck are such that it demands the entire road to be cleared when it’s on the move. Highways are temporarily diverted to accommodate its passage, and this colossal vehicle never traverses over flyovers, always opting for the path beneath them. It’s been reported that the Baahubali truck covers approximately 12 kilometers each day, drawing crowds of curious onlookers who are captivated by this extraordinary spectacle on the streets of Sirsa. People are left in awe, marveling at the sight of a truck with an astounding number of wheels, truly earning its name as the “Baahubali truck.”

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