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June 22, 2024
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Bettiah: Bomb blast in motorcycle trunk, youth severely injured, Investigation underway

Bettiah: A bomb blast has sent shockwaves through Brindavan village, situated in the Sathi police station area of Bettiah, West Champaran. The sudden explosion left the surrounding area in a state of chaos and alarm. Reports indicate that a young man named Naval Bin had a country bomb concealed in the trunk of his bike.

Tragically, an unexpected detonation occurred within the bike’s trunk, resulting in severe injuries to the young man. A crowd quickly gathered at the scene of the incident, with Sathi police station chief Uday Kumar arriving to lead the investigation.

According to the police, on Monday, at approximately 11:00 am, an unidentified individual, traveling from the Chanpatia direction towards Sathi under the jurisdiction of the Sathi police station, was reportedly carrying a substance resembling pig repellent within the trunk of his motorcycle. In an unexpected turn of events, a firecracker stored in the motorcycle’s trunk detonated while the vehicle was in motion near the garden in Vrindavan village, also under the purview of the Sathi police station. This explosion resulted in the partial disintegration of the trunk lid, scattering debris in the vicinity.

Police said, the motorcyclist swiftly fled the scene with his motorcycle, and there exists the possibility that he may have sustained injuries. Efforts are underway to ascertain the identity of the motorcycle and its rider through available sources. Fortunately, no reports have been received concerning injuries to other individuals.

Authorities are actively pursuing further legal action, and the overall situation in the area is reported as normal, he added.

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