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June 22, 2024
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Bhojpuri superstar Ritesh Pandey’s heartrending song ‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’ leaves fans in tears

MUMBAI: In a recent emotional revelation, Bhojpuri superstar Ritesh Pandey has unveiled his latest song, ‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya,’ expressing his personal anguish and heartbreak. The music video showcases Ritesh Pandey shedding tears, revealing his painful experience of being deceived by his loved one. The heartfelt song has already been released on the official YouTube channel of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri and has been gaining immense popularity on social media platforms.

The song ‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’ is a soulful composition that effectively captures Ritesh Pandey’s agony through its poignant melody, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating visuals. Ritesh Pandey himself has emphasized the emotional depth of the song, stating that it reflects the prevalent themes of loyalty and betrayal in love. He further adds that the pain intensifies when someone close steals your love away, an experience that many can relate to. Ritesh hopes that the song resonates with listeners and encourages them to appreciate its significance.

The song has garnered an overwhelming number of views, reinforcing its emotional impact. Saregama Hum Bhojpuri has asserted that ‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’ will strike a chord with audiences and evoke their deepest emotions. The song has already garnered close to 335k views within just seven hours of its release. Fans and listeners have been praising Ritesh Pandey for his powerful performance and the poignant essence of the song.

The music video showcases the remarkable chemistry between Ritesh Pandey and Shweta Mehra. The song has been penned by lyricist Manji Meeta and composed by Ashish Verma. The team behind the music video includes director Sanjay Chaurasia, choreographer Lucky Vishwakarma, PRO Ranjan Sinha, DOP Mahesh Venkat, editor Luvkesh Vishwakarma, DI Rohit Singh, and production by Akash Vishwakarma.

‘Chand Bewafa Nikal Gaya’ serves as a testament to Ritesh Pandey’s ability to convey raw emotions through his music, leaving a lasting impact on his audience. The song’s heartfelt portrayal of love and heartbreak resonates deeply with listeners and has propelled it to viral success on social media.

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