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February 27, 2024
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Bihar: 58-years-old couple gets married for second time, proves it is never too late to find true love

Purnia: Is there any upper age limit to falling in love or getting married? Going by conventions, maybe yes, to conform to societal norms.

But then there always are exceptions, just like a 58-year-old man has shown that it is never too late to find true love as he exchanged the vows for the first time in his life after finding his dream woman.

A similar case of love affair has come to the fore in Bihar’s Purnia, knowing that you will also be shocked.

On Monday, the 58-year-old lover tied the knot with the 48-year-old lady girlfriend. According to the information, the love affair was going on between both for three years. The matter pertains to a village in ward number-3 of Kasba Municipal Council area.

Both were first explained during marriage. Even after a lot of persuasion, when things didn’t work out, the judges decided to get them married. The most surprising thing here was that the age of the lover was 58 years and the age of the girlfriend was 48 years. Both the loving couple have a complete family. Finally got married.

The family members explained a lot but everyone was left helpless in front of Prem.

Before the Panchayat and marriage, when the girlfriend’s son, daughter-in-law and other family members came to know about the love affair, they evicted the girlfriend from the house. The lover’s son and daughter-in-law threw her out of the house. After this, the people of the village called the relatives of the lover and the beloved and got them married.

The villagers caught the boyfriend and girlfriend together on Sunday night. After this the villagers also thrashed him. Later some special people of the village were informed about this. Then after their consent both were married.

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