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May 22, 2024
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Bihar: BJP’s new Unit Chief Samrat Chaudhary targets “absolute majority” for BJP in 2025 assembly polls

BJP’s appointment of Chaudhary seen as bid to appeal to OBC vote bank in Bihar\

Chaudhary dismisses claims of inroads into Bihar CM’s “Luv-Kush” base

Chaudhary’s political career and influential political family in Bihar put him in the spotlight as Bihar Unit Chief

Chaudhary’s appointment highlights challenges faced by BJP in Bihar’s political landscape.

PATNA: BJP’s new Bihar Unit Chief, Samrat Chaudhary, is setting his sights high, aiming to secure all 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar in the upcoming elections, and an “absolute majority” for the party in the 2025 assembly polls. Chaudhary, who was previously a minister in Nitish Kumar’s government until the JD(U) leader left the NDA, is a Koeri by caste and belongs to an influential political family in Bihar.

The move to appoint Chaudhary as the new Bihar Unit Chief is seen as an attempt by the BJP to make inroads into the “Luv-Kush” base of the Bihar Chief Minister, who is known for his association with the Kurmi-Koeri combine. However, Chaudhary dismissed these claims, stating that the BJP cares for all, and that Luv Kush would naturally go where Lord Rama abides.

Bihar has a history of being a hotbed of Mandal politics, making it challenging for the BJP, which is often labeled as pro-upper caste. Chaudhary’s appointment is seen as an attempt by the party to appeal to the OBC vote bank, with his Koeri caste being a significant factor in this decision.

Chaudhary’s political career has seen him associated with various parties, including RJD and JD(U), before he joined the BJP six years ago. He has held ministerial positions in the past, serving in the Rabri Devi government and the Jitan Ram Manjhi ministry.

Chaudhary’s appointment as the Bihar Unit Chief is a significant development in the state’s political landscape, and his success or failure in achieving the party’s goals will have far-reaching implications. While the BJP has emerged as a force to reckon with in Bihar, Chaudhary’s appointment highlights the challenges the party faces in the state and the steps it is taking to overcome them.

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