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April 22, 2024
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announces no hike in electricity rates and Rs 13,114 crore subsidy for the state

PATNA: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announces no hike in electricity rates and Rs 13,114 crore subsidy for the state In a significant move, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced in the assembly that his government will not increase electricity rates for the people of Bihar.

He also revealed that the government will give a subsidy of Rs 13,114 crores to support this decision. The cabinet has decided to maintain the tariffs at the same level as last year and has increased the subsidy from Rs 8,895 crores to Rs 13,114 crores. Nitish Kumar expressed his disappointment with the Central government, accusing them of charging higher electricity rates from Bihar, despite it being a ‘gareeb rajya’ (poor state).

He highlighted that Maharashtra, the richest state, gets electricity at Rs 4.32 per unit, while Bihar has to pay Rs 5.82 per unit. The CM emphasized the need for ‘one nation one tariff’ and urged the Central government to consider the plight of ‘gareeb rajya.’ The announcement comes after the Bihar Electricity Regulation Commission had ordered a hike of 24.1% in electricity rates from April 1.

“The regulatory body decides the rate but the final ball is in our courts, we are in the category of poor states, Madhya Pradesh gets electricity for Rs 3.49 per unit. The Center should think about ‘gareeb rajya’, we get costly electricity. We have been demanding one nation one tariff for long.” added the CM further.

Earlier Bihar Electricity Regulation Commission ordered a hike of 24.1 per cent and the revised rates were to be regulated from April 1. But now after the government announcement, consumers do have not to bear the extra burden.

However, after the government’s decision, consumers will not have to bear this extra burden. Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav praised the government’s decision, stating that it was a move taken in favor of the public and farmers.

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