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April 13, 2024
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar expresses support for opposition unity, to attend Karnataka CM’s Swearing-in Ceremony

Darbhanga: Bihar Prime Minister Nitish Kumar expressed his support for opposition parties uniting in the national interest in his important statement. In his speech in Darbhanga, Bihar, Mr Nitish Kumar praised the congressional party’s major victory in Karnataka and announced that he was in contact with the incoming prime minister. He further announced that he and the Speaker of Parliament had been invited to and agreed to attend the inauguration.

In a statement to ANI news agency, Nitish Kumar said: “They (parliament) have won a great victory (in Karnataka). I have been in touch with the incoming CM and he and the parliamentary chairman have also invited me to the inauguration ceremony. and I told them I was going…if the opposition rallies, it will be in the national interest, so please do your due diligence and it will be made.” Today, we are pleased to inform you that the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, is in Darbhanga and has arrived to initiate the second phase of work to strengthen Kamla Balan. According to information, paving work on the left dam of Kamla Balang will begin as the second phase of this Water Resources Department project.

The invitation of Nitish Kumar to attend the inauguration of the newly elected Prime Minister in Karnataka underscores the recognition and camaraderie among political leaders across states. Participation in such events allows interaction, exchange of ideas and strengthening of relationships between political stakeholders.

The Bihar premier did not provide specific details about the ongoing efforts to unite the opposition, but his statement referred to behind-the-scenes negotiations and discussions between various political parties. there is As the country prepares for upcoming elections and key political decisions, the importance of a unified voice in the opposition cannot be underestimated.

As Nitish Kumar attends the swearing-in ceremony in Karnataka, his presence alongside prominent leaders across the country draws attention and could spark debate about the future of India’s opposition politics . The event will serve as a forum for further deliberations and could pave the way for greater cooperation between opposition parties in the coming days. 

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