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May 23, 2024
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar issues public apology for controversial statement on family planning

Women MLAs object as Nitish Kumar stirs controversy with remarks on family planning

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar found himself embroiled in a controversy after his remarks on family planning stirred a strong backlash in the Assembly on Tuesday. His statements were met with sharp objections from women MLAs and drew the attention of the National Commission for Women (NCW), which urged him to issue an apology.

In response to the mounting criticism, Nitish Kumar publicly retracted his words, expressing regret for any hurt caused by his earlier statement. “If my words have caused any offense, I apologize and withdraw them,” he asserted. However, his retraction failed to quell the uproar, as opposition leaders continued to create a ruckus in the House. Undeterred, Nitish Kumar reiterated his position, offering congratulations to those who had criticized him during the tumultuous session.

The controversy extended beyond the legislative chambers, with the NCW condemning Nitish Kumar’s remarks as regressive and insensitive, emphasizing the need for a public apology to women nationwide. Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party‘s (BJP) Bihar unit took a hard stance, denouncing Nitish Kumar’s comments as indecent and calling for a ban on his allegedly suggestive dialogues in public forums.

During his address in the Assembly, Nitish Kumar had made a contentious statement on marital dynamics and family planning, suggesting that educated women in Bihar played a crucial role in controlling the state’s population. However, the seemingly flippant remarks drew a chorus of disapproval from women MLAs, particularly those from the BJP, who vehemently objected to the implications of his words.

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