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April 23, 2024
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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on Special Parliamentary Session: “We’re ready for early countrywide Elections, we have no objections”

Special Session kicks off in old Parliament Building

Patna: The eagerly awaited special session of Parliament commenced this Monday, scheduled to run until Friday, September 22nd. However, the opening day witnessed a growing chorus of opposition voices expressing concerns about the government’s intentions behind this extraordinary session.

The opposition parties have raised questions about the transparency of the government’s agenda-setting process for this special session. They argue that the ruling party failed to provide a clear outline during the all-party meeting, leaving the opposition in the dark regarding the purpose of this session.

In a surprising development, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar voiced his suspicion that the central government might be angling for early elections. He stated, “They (the central government) seem eager to conduct nationwide elections sooner than expected. If that’s their plan, we’re prepared and ready for it. The government has the right to call early Parliament elections, and the sooner they happen, the better.”

Adding to the intrigue, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi announced that the first day’s proceedings of the special session would take place in the historic old Parliament building.

According to information provided by the Central Government, eight bills are slated for presentation during this session. The Women’s Reservation Bill emerged as a major point of contention during the all-party meeting, with opposition parties unanimously demanding its passage during this special session.

However, the government’s response has been somewhat ambiguous. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi suggested that an “appropriate decision” regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill would be made at the right time. The decision was reached during a meeting attended by leaders from across the political spectrum on the eve of the special session.

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