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February 29, 2024
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Bihar: Congress leader and his family receives death threats, demands Rs 5 lakh

Muzaffarpur: After increasing the morale of the criminals in Bihar, the incidents continued to happen every day. According to the report, former Congress state secretary Arvind Kumar Singh have received abusive massage threatening to kill his and his family with Rs 5 lakh via messenger on Saturday.

However, he has also threatened to kill for not giving money.

Moreover, It is alleged that a person named Digambar Singh sent a message and asked to shoot his son. Regarding this matter, the former secretary has also lodged an FIR against extortion in the city police station on Friday.

The DSP told the media that the Congress leader lives in Balughat. Leader Arvind Singh has lodged an FIR in the city police station. In the FIR, he has alleged that extortion is being sought by messaging him through Facebook messenger. It is also written in the message that if the money is not given, the consequences will have to be faced. Death threats have been made.

According to the information, since January 23, he and his family have been receiving constant threats. Let us tell you that recently there was firing on the son of the former secretary. He says that just a few days ago, I was being asked for extortion from my son and nephew as well. Extortion was being sought from an ID named Digambar and an FIR has also been registered in the city police station. The Congress leader has been receiving threats continuously for a long time. The whole family is scared.

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