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April 22, 2024
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“Bihar court’s verdict: YouTuber Manish Kashyap to be confined in State jail”

Patna: In a latest development surrounding the controversial YouTuber Manish Kashyap, a court order has decreed his incarceration in a Bihar jail, marking another twist in his tumultuous journey.

The Bettiah Court of Bihar witnessed the appearance of Manish Kashyap on Monday, a YouTuber whose name has become synonymous with controversy. The court’s decision to detain Kashyap in Bihar’s prison system has left many intrigued.

Notably, Tamil Nadu police officials were present as well, having escorted Manish Kashyap to the proceedings. Following the court appearance, the decision was made to transport him to Patna, an action prompted by a petition from District Prosecution Officer Umesh Kumar Vishwas.

This development comes as a result of several cases registered against Manish Kashyap across Bihar. Among these cases is an accusation of extortion from a BJP MLA and alleged indecency with a bank manager.

Among the litany of charges against him, Manish Kashyap stands accused of fabricating and disseminating misleading videos depicting assaults on Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu. In this context, he was previously slapped with the National Security Act (NSA) and detained in a Tamil Nadu jail.

Unveiling Manish Kashyap: The Controversial YouTuber

Tripurari Kumar Tiwari, better known as Manish Kashyap, hails from West Champaran in Bihar. Boasting a substantial following on YouTube and Facebook, Kashyap’s online presence has garnered both fans and critics.

The YouTuber previously faced accusations of spreading false and misleading news, prompting him to evade authorities for a prolonged period. In response, the Economic Offenses Unit of Bihar Police moved to freeze his bank accounts, revealing over Rs 42 lakh deposited within.

Central to the allegations leveled against him is the creation and dissemination of fabricated videos and counterfeit interviews depicting violence against Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu. These actions culminated in legal action against Kashyap, reflecting the extent of his involvement in the unfolding controversies.

As Manish Kashyap’s legal saga continues to unfold, his name remains enmeshed in a web of legal proceedings and public scrutiny. The court’s decision to confine him within the walls of a Bihar jail marks yet another chapter in his ongoing narrative.

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