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June 25, 2024
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Bihar: Grand Alliance prepares for Cabinet expansion, Buzz around 7 new potential faces

Patna – The political landscape in Bihar is set to witness a significant change as the Nitish Kumar-led cabinet is all set for expansion. As per the latest information received, seven new faces are likely to find a place in the cabinet, with each major coalition partner getting a share of ministerial posts.

According to the report, The Congress party, which has been persistent in its demand for two ministerial posts, is reportedly going to have its wish fulfilled. The names of Vijay Shankar Dubey and Anand Shankar have emerged as prominent contenders for these ministerial positions. Vijay Shankar Dubey is a seasoned MLA representing Maharajganj, while Anand Shankar represents Aurangabad.

On the other hand, the Janata Dal United (JDU) is also expected to have two of its leaders sworn in as ministers. However, the specific names have not been disclosed yet.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), led by Lalu Yadav, may secure three cabinet berths in this expansion. The name of MLC Kartikeya Singh has surfaced as a potential candidate for one of these ministerial posts. The inclusion of RJD leaders may see the party prioritizing representation from the Rajput and Bhumihar communities, as it aims to cater to a broader cross-section of the population.

Sources within the Grand Alliance have hinted that the cabinet expansion could take place on July 25. It is anticipated that the leaders under consideration will be sworn in on that day, subject to the final decision.

The cabinet expansion comes on the heels of the resignation of Sudhakar Singh and Kartikeya Singh from the RJD quota. Their resignations paved the way for the inclusion of fresh faces, sparking speculation about potential replacements.

Political analysts see this cabinet expansion as a balancing act by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to accommodate the interests of various coalition partners. With the addition of new ministers, the cabinet is expected to gain a fresh impetus to tackle challenges and address the needs of the diverse populace in Bihar.

As the names of the potential ministers remain undisclosed for now, political circles are abuzz with speculation and anticipation. The people of Bihar eagerly await the official announcement to see how the cabinet reshuffle will impact governance and bring forth new policies and initiatives.

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