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June 22, 2024
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Bihar Hooch Tragedy: Death toll rises to 60 so far due to illicit liquor, SIT set up to probe case, watch list

SARAN (PATNA): The death toll in the Bihar hooch tragedy has risen to 60, according to the report. On Friday, a special investigation team (SIT) has been set up to probe the case which took place in Saran district.

The series of deaths that started on Tuesday in half a dozen villages of Mashrak in Saran did not stop. Due to the nodal officer being declared by the DM for confirmation of the deaths on Friday, there is a state of confusion.

According to the ‘Amar Ujala’, it has brought to the fore on Thursday morning the police pressure of telling death due to cold and not alcohol. Now another allegation has been leveled against the Mashrak police that several drums of seized spirit kept in its malkhana are empty and from this liquor businessmen made poisonous liquor. The investigation of allegation was done by the Chief Secretary of the Excise Department.

On Thursday, Saran DM Rajesh Meena said that action has been taken against officials concerned, and raids were conducted in the district in the last 48 hours which led to the arrest of 126 hooch traders. He said that more than 4,000 litres of illicit liquor have also been seized, reported PTI.

As the death toll rose, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday bluntly warned that if people drink liquor, they will die. “Jo piyega woh marega” (those who drink alcohol, will die), Nitish said, while maintaining that bringing the law was not his “personal wish” but a response to the “cries of the women of the state”.

The SIT which has been set up in the state will consist of 31 police officials, and will be headed by an additional SP and three deputy SPs.

Meanwhile, opposition BJP continued to protest inside the assembly for the second consecutive day over the Saran hooch tragedy on Thursday. When CM Kumar reached the Bihar Assembly, anti-government slogans were raised by BJP MLAs against him. The saffron party members tried to disrupt proceedings with many of its members entering the well. They were carrying placards and posters and raised slogans inside the Assembly.

After the hamlets are ruined, What to say about the family?

Since prohibition, the game of deaths due to poisonous liquor in the process of secretly bringing, making, selling and drinking liquor is continuously in the headlines. This is the first case in Bihar to continue the series of deaths in this way for several days. The Saran spurious liquor scandal has completely ruined many families of Mashrak. There are many such families, where either only women are left or there is no male child. Even a 16-year-old teenager has lost his life due to spurious liquor. There are also such families, in which the young son has also died along with the middle-aged father. Many hamlets have been destroyed in Bahrauli. In these, people are no longer able to muster the courage to go to a death in another family, because someone has already died in everyone’s house or nearby.

List of the diseased, who consume illicit liquor: Report

1. Ajay Giri (Father- Suraj Giri, Behrauli),

2. Chandeshwar Sah (Father- Bhikhar Sah, Behrauli),

3. Jaglal Sah (Father- Bharat Sah, Behrauli)

4. Anil Thakur (Father- Parma Thakur, Behrauli)

5. Sitaram Rai (Father- Sepoy Rai, Behrauli)

6. Aqrarul Haque (Father- Maqsood Ansari, Behrauli)

7. Dudhnath Tiwari (Father- Mahavir Tiwari, Behrauli)

8. Shailendra Rai (Father- Deenanath Rai, Behrauli)

9. Harendra Ram (Father- Ganesh Ram, Mashrak Takht),

10. Nasir Hussain (Father- Samasuddin, Mashrak Takht),

11. Bharat Ram (Father- Mohar Ram, Mashrak Takht),

12. Bharat Sah (Father- Gopal Sah, Shastri Tola),

13. Ramji Sah (Father- Gopal Sah, Shastri Tola),

14. Kunal Singh (Father- Yadu Singh, Yadu Mod),

15. Manoj Ram (Father- Lalbabu Ram, Dugrauli),

16. Govind Rai (father- Ghinavan Rai, Pachkhanda),

17. Ramesh Ram (Father- Kanhaiya Ram, Ben Chhapra)

18. Jaidev Singh (Father- Binda Singh, Ben Chhapra),

19. Lalan Ram (Father- Kariman Ram, Sheyarbhukka),

20. Sanjay Kumar Singh (Father- Vakil Singh, Doila, Isuapur),

21. Amit Ranjan alias Rinu (Father- Dwijendra Sinha, Doila, Isuapur)

22. Bichendra Rai (Father- Narsingh Rai, Doila, Isuapur)

23. Premchand Sah (father- Munilal Sah, Rampur Atauli, Isuapur),

24. Dinesh Thakur (Father- Asharfi Thakur, Mahuli, Isuapur),

25. Dashrath Mahto, Kesar Mahto, Doyla, Isuapur

26. Upendra Ram (father- Akshlal Ram, Amanor)

27. Umesh Rai (Father- Shivpujan Rai, Amnaur)

28. Salahuddin Miyan (Father- Advocate Miyan, Amnore),

29. Vicky Mahto (Father- Suresh Mahto, Marhaura),

30. Mukesh Sharma (Father- Bachcha Sharma, Mashrak),

31. Mangal Rai (Father- Gulraj Rai, Mashrak),

32. Chandrama Ram (Hemraj Ram, Mashrak),

33. Jatan Sah (Father- Kirpal Sah, Ghoghia, Mashrak)

34. Jai Prakash Singh (Father- Brij Bhushan Singh, Gopalbari)

35. Vishwakarma Patel (Father- Srinath Patel, Mashrak)

36. Suren Sah (Father- Jatan Sah, Ghoghia, Mashrak)

37. Chandreshwar Sah (Father- Bhikhari Sah, Behrauli, Mashrak)

38. Rangeela Mahato (Lalapur, Marhaura)

39. Ramesh Mahto, (Father- Yamuna Mahto, Lalapur, Madhaura)

40. Vikram Raj (Father- Harinarayan Prasad, Kharouni, Madhaura)

41. Surendra Mahto (Father- Jamuna Mahto, Lalapur, Madhaura)

42. Surendra Singh (Mani Sirisia, Amanor)

43. Vinod Sharma (Lala Tola, Marhaura)

44. Dhoopnath Singh (Father- Babulal Singh, Ghoghia Mashrak)

45. Mukesh Kumar Ram (Father- Chandrika Ram, Mani Sirsia, Amanour)

46. Mukesh Kumar Sharma (Father- Bacha Sharma, Hanumanganj, Mashrak)

47. Naresh Sah (Father- Fulena Sah, Behrauli Mashrak)

48. Vicky Kumar (Father- Bahadur Mahato, Chahpura, Mashrak)

49. Jayanarayan Rai (Father- Late Jagannath Rai, Mani Sirsia, Amanour)

50. Hariram Singh (Father- Rajendra Singh, Ghoghia Mashrak)

51. Mohan Prasad Yadav (Father- Ramjatan Prasad, Ghoghia Mashrak)

52. Kanhaiya Singh (Father- Ramlal Singh, Gopalbari Mashrak)

53. Vicky Mahto (Father- Lalbabu Mahto, Chahpura, Isuapur)

54. Virendra Ram (Father- Late Rupan Ram, Dumri Chhapia, Taraiya)

55. Nathuni Ram (Father- Late Vriksha Ram, Dumri Chhapia, Taraiya)

56. Brijesh Kumar Rai (Father- Nagina Rai, Behrauli, Mashrak)

57. Chamcham Sah (Father- Mathura Sah, Behrauli, Mashrak)

58. Kamlesh Sah, (Father- Mathura Sah, Behrauli, Mashrak)

59. Prem Tiwari (Father- Sitaram Tiwari, Shastri Tola, Mashrak)

60. Suraj Sah, (Father-Mathura Sah, Behrauli, Mashrak)

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