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February 25, 2024
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Bihar: Joint police raid leads to seizure of illegal weapons at house on Malda-Katihar border

Authorities applaud successful joint police operation to curb illegal arms trading in the region

People urged to report suspicious activity after illegal arms and ammunition seized at Malda-Katihar border house

PATNA: A joint team of the Special Task Force of the West Bengal Police and Bihar Police conducted a successful raid at a house located on the Malda-Katihar border, seizing illegal arms and ammunition. The raid was carried out on Friday at the house of one Naru Karmakar, who is suspected to be an arms manufacturer.

According to officials report, the raid was conducted based on a tip-off received by the authorities. During the search operation, the team found two illegal improvised firearms, one incomplete barrel, one incomplete body, and various other articles used for making illegal arms at Karmakar’s residence.

However, the accused was not present during the time of the raid and has not been arrested yet. The officials have stated that further investigation is underway to trace Karmakar and his associates involved in the illegal arms manufacturing and trading business.

The joint operation by the police of two states has been lauded by the authorities, and it is expected to act as a significant setback to the illegal arms trading business thriving in the region. The authorities have also appealed to the people to come forward and report any suspicious activities related to the manufacturing and trading of illegal arms in their vicinity.

The successful raid at the Malda-Katihar border house has once again highlighted the need for a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies to curb the illegal arms trade in the country. The authorities are expected to continue their crackdown on illegal arms trading to maintain law and order in the region.

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