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June 25, 2024
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Bihar Police Lathi-Charge on protesters to disperse CTET aspirants’ in Patna, several injured, watch video

Patna– Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test (CTET) aspirants staged a protest against the state government on Saturday, leading to a clash with the Bihar police. The demonstrators were demanding reforms in the examination process and better career opportunities for aspiring teachers. However, their peaceful demonstration took a violent turn as the police resorted to a lathi-charge to disperse the crowd. Subsequently, a case has been registered against the protestors for their involvement in the incident.

The protest, held in the capital city of Patna, saw a large gathering of CTET aspirants expressing their grievances and dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. The aspiring teachers alleged that the government had failed to address their concerns regarding the examination pattern, eligibility criteria, and job prospects. They claimed that their demands for transparency, fairness, and equal opportunities in the teaching sector had been repeatedly ignored.

In response to the protest, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Nurul Haque, in charge of Law and Order at Kotwali, stated that a case would be registered against the protestors due to their disruptive actions. According to Haque, the protestors had caused traffic congestion, inconvenienced school students, and even caused damage to public and private property. He further emphasized that those responsible for the chaos would face legal consequences and potentially be incarcerated.

The situation turned tense when the Bihar police, faced with a growing crowd and escalating tensions, resorted to using lathis (long, wooden sticks) to control the protestors. Several individuals were injured during the police action, prompting widespread criticism from various quarters. The use of force has sparked a debate about the rights of citizens to express their grievances peacefully, with many calling for a more measured response from the authorities.

The CTET aspirants, however, argue that their protests were an attempt to draw attention to the challenges they face as aspiring teachers in Bihar. They claim that the state government’s inaction and apathy towards their demands have left them with limited career opportunities and an uncertain future. They highlight the need for reforms in the education sector and fair assessment procedures to ensure that deserving candidates have access to quality teaching positions.

Meanwhile, the registration of a case against the protestors indicates that the state government views their actions as a breach of law and order. The legal proceedings will now determine the fate of the demonstrators, who face the possibility of imprisonment as a result of their participation in the protest.

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