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June 20, 2024
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Bihar Police station becomes hub for illicit liquor sales, four police officers caught in red-hended

Ban Enforcement Faces Embarrassment as Police Officers Allegedly Run Liquor Den from Station

Bihar Police Station Scandal Unearths Rs 15 Lakh Worth of Liquor Hidden on Premises

Patna: In a shocking turn of events in Bihar, authorities have uncovered a liquor smuggling operation allegedly being run from within a police station. The incident has raised serious questions about the effectiveness of the liquor ban enforcement in the state. Four policemen, including the police station chief, have been caught red-handed and suspended as a result of this revelation.

The incident came to light in Hajipur, Bihar, where a team from the Patna Excise Department conducted a raid at a police station. Their operation led to the discovery of over Rs 15 lakh worth of liquor, which was being sold clandestinely from within the station itself.

What makes this case particularly startling is that it involved not only the police station chief but also the sentry and night watchman. All were allegedly part of a scheme to sell 900 liters of foreign liquor to smugglers. However, the vigilant Patna Excise Department team intervened, apprehending all the accused in the act.

The backstory to this incident traces back to the seizure of 3,700 liters of illicit liquor in the Sarai police station area of Hajipur. While 2,800 liters were properly destroyed as per regulations, the police station chief and Malkhana in-charge, along with the night watchman and a sentry, reportedly hid 900 liters of foreign liquor. Their intention was to load the liquor boxes onto a pickup truck for delivery to liquor smugglers, but their plan was foiled by the Patna Excise Department.

Vaishali SP Ravi Ranjan took swift action upon receiving news of the liquor smuggling operation within the police station. He arrived at the Sarai police station and immediately suspended Police Station Chief Vidur Kumar, Malkhana In-charge Muneshwar Kumar, Sentry Suresh Kumar, and Night Watchman Rameshwar Rai. An FIR has been registered against all the accused, and they are currently in custody.

The prohibition law has been in effect in Bihar since 2016, and the Bihar Police have faced the arduous task of enforcing it. Despite their efforts, illegal liquor trade has persisted in the state.

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