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May 24, 2024
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Bihar police takes major action after violence erupts between two communities during Ram Navami incident, 45 arrested

PATNA: The Bihar Police have taken swift action following a violent clash between two communities in Biharsharif of Nalanda district on Ram Navami day. The clash occurred during a procession organized by the Bajrang Dal, which was attended by thousands of people. Stones were reportedly pelted at the procession, leading to a retaliatory attack that quickly escalated into stone pelting, arson, and firing.

The situation quickly spread beyond Biharsharif, and there are reports of widespread vandalism and damage to property. However, the Bihar Police acted quickly to restore calm and order, and the situation is now under control. The police have arrested 27 people in Nalanda and 18 people in Sasaram, identifying them as anti-social elements responsible for the violence.

Ram Navami processions have been completed in Biharsharif and Sasaram, and the police have deployed adequate force and magistrates to maintain order. Senior officials are camping at the spot, and social media is being monitored. The general public is requested not to pay heed to rumors and to cooperate with the police and administration in maintaining peace and order.

In a press statement, the Bihar Police revealed that during the Ram Navami procession in Dabbunagar village, information was received about the incident of stone pelting and abuse from both sides. Senior officials were immediately deployed to the spot, and the dispute between the two parties was pacified. However, some anti-social elements present at the scene pelted stones at the police force, leading to minor injuries to two policemen. The police are now identifying and arresting the culprits responsible for the violence.

The Bihar Police’s quick action in responding to the violence and restoring order is commendable. The police have acted swiftly to arrest the culprits and maintain peace and order in the affected areas. It is now essential for all sections of society to cooperate with the police and administration to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

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