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February 28, 2024
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Bihar: Robbers try to loot bank with hammer in Katihar, miscreants broke glass of counter & demands money from cashier

KATIHAR: For the first time in Bihar, a case as bank robbery with hammer has reported. A robbers tried to rob the bank with a hammer in Central Bank in Katihar. The robber entered the bank by breaking the glass of the gate and tried to hammer the cashier and the branch manager. Then, banging a hammer on the glass of the withdrawal counter, demanded money from the cashier.

However, after this incident, the personnel present in the bank surrounded the young man only after seeing the hammer. After being caught, the police were called. The police thrashed him fiercely, and got involved in the investigation. Although the young man has not told anything yet.

The incident took place in Mahadevpur branch of Central Bank of India located in Pranpur block of Katihar. According to the information, the youth had entered masked. The masked young man came to the bank by breaking the glass of the main gate while threatening the personnel and started threatening the personnel by using a hammer. Along with the rest of the workers, he also hammered the manager.

Branch manager Dilip Kumar Jha told that the youth started creating ruckus while entering the branch at 10:50. According to the police, the arrested youth has been identified as Mohammad Saddam, son of Manzoor Alam, resident of Labha village of Roshana OP area. How did he muster such courage alone and what was his plan, inquiries are on.

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