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April 13, 2024
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Bihar: senior IAS officer hurling abuse in meeting viral video; CM Nitish Kumar had handed over liquor ban’s command to strict officer KK Pathak

PATNA: A video viral on social media. In video senior Indian Administrative Officers (IAS) KK Pathak is seen getting trapped badly after abusing him in a meeting.

After this video was shared on social media, Excise Minister Sunil Kumar said, “We have heard the video. I will look into the matter and whatever necessary steps have to be taken will be taken.”

In fact, in a senior IAS officer video from Bihar are heard abusing. At the same time, he is heard talking to his junior officers in strange words. It was also heard that IAS officers are also abusing the Deputy Collector and saying that two to four people write to me and I play his band.

Bihar’s Excise Minister Sunil Kumar has reacted to the video of a senior IAS officer being shared on social media.

General Secretary of Bihar Administrative Services Association Sunil Tiwari has also reacted to this video.

Sunil Tiwari said, “We demand the government to dismiss this officer. We have decided that an FIR will be lodged against the officer in this matter. He has used abusive language, which is wrong and we condemn it.

In the video shared by news agency ANI, he can be heard interspersed with abuses, “Standing in traffic, he will play the horn by peing. Haven’t you guys seen.. on Bailey Road. There is a red light but it will blink. The man here… is the man? This is the condition of the Deputy Collector. Now I just… Hey, just write two or four people on two pieces of paper. Please send him tomorrow…”

In 2021, CM Nitish Kumar handed over the command of liquor ban to strong officer KK Pathak

In fact, in 2021, CM Nitish Kumar had handed over the command of Additional Officer of Registration, Excise and Prohibition Department to strong officer KK Pathak.

Who is the K K Pathak

KK Pathak is an IAS officer of 1990 batch. He is a resident of UP. In 2015, after the grand alliance RJD government came to power, he was transferred to Bihar. Pathak, such an IS officer of Bihar is such a strong officer, hearing the name of which even good mafia go gaga.

Lalu Prashad Yadav had to transfer

When Lalu Yadav was the Chief Minister of Bihar, KK Pathak was posted in his district Gopalganj. Lalu’s close friends were so upset with Pathak’s working style that Lalu transferred him and sent him to the secretariat.

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