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May 19, 2024
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Calcutta High Court temporarily halts termination of 32,000 School Teachers’ Jobs in West Bengal

KOLKATA: In a key development, the Calcutta High Court on Friday issued a moratorium effectively halting the dismissal of 32,000 school teachers in West Bengal. However, this order is temporary and will remain in force until the next court decision.

These teachers were employed in state and state-supported schools across West Bengal. The decision to terminate her employment was handed down on May 12 by a single judge of the Court of Calcutta. The court ruled that the appointments were invalid because they were appointed as primary school teachers in 2014 based on the Teacher Eligibility Examination (TET) without completing the then-mandatory teacher training exam. A court led by Judge Subrata Tarkdar said on Friday that the order to terminate the employment of these teachers will remain in effect until September 2023 or a further order, whichever comes first. The court stressed that the decision to terminate the employment without giving the parties a chance to file a lawsuit justified judicial intervention.

Following one judge’s ruling, a group of concerned teachers and the West Bengal Primary Education Board appealed the ruling to the Calcutta High Court. The purpose of the appeal was to challenge the dismissal order and present arguments in favor of continued teaching.

The Departmental Board’s suspension order gave the affected teachers temporary relief, allowing them to remain in employment pending a final decision. Court intervention recognizes the importance of giving teachers a fair chance to make their case and be heard.

The ruling sparked debate and controversy over the validity of teacher appointments and teacher qualification requirements in the state. The lawsuit has far-reaching implications for the education sector in West Bengal, as the ruling may affect not only the affected teachers, but the entire functioning of the schools in which they work.

As the lawsuit continues, all parties involved, including affected teachers, educational authorities and the public, are eagerly awaiting a final resolution of the lawsuit. The result will determine the fate of her 32,000 school teachers and set a precedent for teacher appointments and qualification standards in West Bengal. The Calcutta High Court’s suspension order offers temporary relief to teachers and a sliver of hope in navigating this difficult period of uncertainty.  

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