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May 20, 2024
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“Canadian MP urges Hindu community to stay vigilant amidst attempted division by Pro-Khalistan leaders”

Ottawa: Chandra Arya, Member of Parliament representing Nepean, Ontario, Canada, has issued an earnest appeal to the Hindu community residing in Canada, urging them to exercise caution during these challenging times.

In his address, Arya expressed concern that certain pro-Khalistan leaders are actively attempting to sow discord between the Hindu and Sikh communities in Canada. He voiced his worries in a video message, saying, “Recently, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a prominent figure in the Khalistan movement in Canada and the president of Sikhs for Justice, which organized the so-called referendum, launched a targeted verbal attack on Hindu-Canadians, urging them to leave Canada and return to India.”

Arya continued, “I’ve been informed that many Hindu Canadians are feeling anxious following this specific incident. I want to appeal to all Hindu Canadians to maintain their composure while staying vigilant. If you encounter any acts of Hinduphobia, please report them promptly to your nearest law enforcement authorities.”

He went on to address the divisive efforts of pro-Khalistan leaders, saying, “These individuals are actively trying to incite Canadian Hindus, aiming to create divisions between the Sikh and Hindu communities in our country. I want to clarify one crucial point: the majority of Sikh brothers and sisters here in Canada do not support the Khalistan movement. Many Sikhs may not openly denounce the movement, but they share close ties with the Canadian Hindu community.”

Arya’s appeal comes in the backdrop of an ongoing diplomatic dispute between Canada and India. The tensions escalated when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the aftermath of the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, accused India of potential involvement by agents of the Indian government. This statement was made in the Canadian Parliament, resulting in Canada expelling an Indian diplomat.

In response, India firmly rejected Canada’s allegations, branding them as absurd and motivated. India, in a retaliatory move, also expelled a Canadian diplomat.

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