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May 22, 2024
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Central Railway Zone recruited 12,050 youths through ‘Rozgar Mela’ initiative”

MUMBAI: In a significant move towards boosting employment opportunities, the Central Railway Zone under the Indian Railways has successfully recruited a total of 12,050 youths as part of the central government’s ‘Rozgar Mela’ initiative. Over the past eight months, six job fairs were organized, resulting in the filling of more than 9,000 positions in the crucial safety category.

The new recruits hail from various parts of the country and have joined diverse roles within the railway system. The positions include track maintainers, pointsmen, assistants in the signalling department, assistants in the mechanical department for coach/wagon examinations, OHE department maintainers, assistant loco pilots, assistant station masters, train guards, junior engineers, technicians, constables, draughtsmen, and nurses.

The ‘Rozgar Mela’ initiative serves as a testament to the government’s commitment, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to prioritize employment generation. By providing avenues for job seekers to connect with opportunities, the initiative aims to alleviate unemployment concerns and contribute to the nation’s overall development.

The recruitment process followed a rigorous selection procedure to ensure the candidates’ suitability for their respective roles. Candidates underwent thorough assessments, including written examinations, physical tests, interviews, and medical evaluations. The transparent and merit-based selection process ensured that deserving candidates were chosen for the available positions.

By filling crucial safety-related posts, the Central Railway Zone has taken a significant stride towards enhancing the safety and efficiency of the railway network. The newly recruited personnel will play vital roles in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of tracks, signals, coaches, wagons, and other essential aspects of railway infrastructure.

The ‘Rozgar Mela’ initiative has not only provided employment opportunities to thousands of individuals but has also contributed to the overall economic growth of the country. By empowering the youth with meaningful employment, the initiative aligns with the government’s vision of building a skilled and productive workforce.

The Central Railway Zone has expressed its commitment to continued efforts in providing employment opportunities and supporting the government’s objective of job creation. Such initiatives not only address unemployment concerns but also promote inclusivity and socioeconomic development.

As the newly recruited individuals embark on their respective roles within the Central Railway Zone, their contributions will be instrumental in ensuring the safety and efficiency of India’s railway network. The success of the ‘Rozgar Mela’ initiative serves as an inspiration for other sectors to explore innovative approaches to employment generation and nation-building.

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