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May 23, 2024
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Civil war in US: Ex-Russian President wild 2023 predictions, says- Elon Musk likely to become President

MOSCOW: A few hours before now, Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia and close to Putin, has expressed astonishing apprehensions for the year 2023.

The Russian official, who currently serves as the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, posted his list of 10 projections on his Telegram channel Monday, writing, “Before a new year, everyone likes to make predictions.”

Tesla founder and Twitter CEO Musk would then have a “subsequent victory” during the presidential election “in some of the states assigned to the Republicans after the civil war,” Medvedev added.

He has said that American tech businessman Elon Musk can win the US presidential election in the year 2023.

Along with this, Medvedev has also made many other comments. Musk has termed his tweets as a wonderful thread.

Prediction of Dmitry Medvedev –

  • Oil prices will reach $150 per barrel and gas prices will exceed $5 per cubic meter.
  • Britain will once again join the European Union
  • With Britain’s withdrawal, the EU will disintegrate, the euro will cease to be used as the EU’s currency.
  • Poland and Hungary will occupy the western region of UkraineFourth Reich will be created which will include Poland, Baltic States, Czechia, Slovakia, Republic of Kiev etc. along with the existing territory of Germany.
  • There will be a war between France and the Fourth Reich, in which Europe will be divided and Poland will be partitioned once again.
  • Northern Ireland will secede from Britain and join the Republic of Ireland.
  • Civil war will break out in America after which America, California and Texas will become independent states texas and mexico will become each other’s associate state
  • Elon Musk will win the US presidential election in several states after the end of the civil war
  • The world’s largest stock market and economic activity will shift from America and Europe to Asia.
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