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May 18, 2024
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Concerned citizens petition DC for investigation and legal action regarding tree felling at Chandigarh Road govt school

Chandigarh: A group of dedicated environmentalists, led by social worker Ashwani Joshi, met with Deputy Commissioner Navjot Pal Singh Randhawa to address the alarming issue of illegal tree cutting at a government school on Chandigarh Road in Nawanshahr. Expressing their discontent, the environmentally conscious individuals submitted a formal complaint letter, urging the Deputy Commissioner to initiate a thorough investigation and ensure legal repercussions for the responsible parties.

Manoj Kanda and Ashwani Joshi emphasized the widespread protest among environmentalists and informed citizens within the district over this unauthorized deforestation incident. Despite attempts to seek clarification from the school principal, no satisfactory answers were provided, raising concerns about potential corruption involvement. Advocating for a fair and unbiased investigation, the group called for the strictest penalties in accordance with the law for those found guilty.

Expressing public sentiment, the group insisted on appropriate actions against individuals contributing to environmental harm. Advocate Rajneesh Agnihotri stressed the importance of holding accountable anyone who poses a threat to the environment, while Manoj Kanda hinted at a possible connection to corruption. Environmental enthusiasts Ankush Nijhawan and Hatindra Khanna strongly condemned the incident, underscoring the need for swift and decisive action.

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Ashwani Joshi revealed that the matter had been brought to the attention of Sant Seechewal ji, further amplifying the urgency of addressing the issue. Following the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner conducted an on-site inspection and directed the District Education Officer (DEO) to take immediate and appropriate action in response to the concerns raised by the concerned citizens.

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