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June 22, 2024
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Cyber criminals target women Doctor in Rs 4.5 Crore scam, Delhi Police launches probe

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police’s Information Fusion Strategic Operations (IFSO) Division has registered a First Information Report (FIR) on one of the largest cyber frauds in the capital. The victim, a doctor, was allegedly defrauded of a staggering 4.5 million rupees through an internet video call.

The victim said he received a call that a package addressed to him had been confiscated by FedEx. The woman who called said she had found 140 grams of MDMA along with her passport, bank documents and shoes when authorities searched her luggage. The package was reportedly mailed from Mumbai to Taiwan on April 21 and Rs 25,000 was fraudulently charged to her credit card.

In the complaint, the doctor said several people posing as Mumbai Andheri police officers, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) officers, customs officials, drug enforcement officers and even the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) were accused as part of the fraudulent activity. said she had been arrested. . Under the guise of performing KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, scammers forced victims into cracking time deposits. They falsely claimed that 23 accounts were opened using the same KYC details and some of these accounts were involved in money laundering activities. The victim was allegedly instructed to transfer the funds to the RBI for verification on suspicion of criminal proceeds. The scammer promised her that the amount would be refunded after her verification process.

To lend credence to their claims, the scammers sent the victim a letter purporting to be from the RBI and a complaint on Mumbai police letterhead. Delhi Police immediately registered a case based on the victim’s complaint and an investigation is underway to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this elaborate cyber scam. Police are working tirelessly to collect evidence and identify the origin of the calls and transactions.

As the investigation progresses, Delhi Police remain committed to unraveling the complex web of this cyber fraud and bringing the perpetrators to justice.  

Source: Google News

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