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April 20, 2024
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“Dua Lipa reflects on struggles: how the ‘Houdini’ hitmaker found harmony amidst fame’s chaos”

Singer Dua Lipa: In a candid revelation, pop sensation Dua Lipa, now 28, has shared her struggles with fame, confessing to feeling “so upset all the time” during the initial stages of her career. The ‘Houdini’ hitmaker, who debuted with her self-titled album in 2017, reflected on the challenges she faced during the relentless promotion period.

Dua Lipa acknowledged the toll of “spreading (herself) too thin” in the pursuit of seizing every opportunity, especially in the competitive American music scene. Speaking on KISS FM, she recalled the whirlwind of constant photo shoots, travel, and performances, often leaving her with minimal time to prepare for crucial appearances.

“There were so many moments… constant photo shoots, traveling, and doing performances. A lot of the time, I had to get up and perform with just 30 minutes to figure out a routine,” she shared, expressing a desire to have approached it differently. Learning from that experience, she vowed to avoid similar situations with her subsequent projects.

“I made sure not to spread myself too thin. The thought of it makes me so nervous—the idea of not being able to do something properly. I was just so upset all the time that I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do really, really well, so now I take the time to do them,” Dua Lipa explained, emphasizing the importance of self-care and quality over quantity.

Despite her global fame and a BRIT Award for her second album ‘Future Nostalgia,’ Dua Lipa shared that she still manages to maintain a degree of anonymity in her everyday life. Reflecting on her dual existence, she highlighted the extraordinary and intense nature of her work, balanced by the ability to enjoy normal activities like walking down the street or going to the shops in London.

“I have a duality with my life… Work is extraordinary and crazy, and when I’m at home, I can walk down the street, go to the shops, or even go bowling if I wanted to!” she laughed. While appreciating the occasional encounters with fans, she emphasized that the balance keeps her everyday life refreshingly normal and non-overwhelming.

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