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April 13, 2024
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From Love Story to Indian RAW agent: A intriguing story of Seema Haider, film Karachi to Noida, watch teaser

Mumbai – In a recent development that has gripped the nation’s attention, a woman named Seema Haider from Pakistan made headlines when she arrived in India. Her journey and subsequent love story with Sachin Meena have stirred the imaginations of many, leading to the creation of a new film, “Karachi to Noida,” based on their lives. The recently released trailer for the movie, however, has left audiences intrigued, as it seems to take creative liberties with the real story.

The trailer opens with Seema Haider being portrayed as “Saima Haider” and her husband as Sachin Meena. The story unfolds in Karachi, Pakistan, where Saima’s husband is captured by the army during his prayers, sparking a series of intense interrogations. As the plot advances, it is revealed that Saima (Mumtaz in the film) has established a network in Karachi, covertly providing information to India. The Pakistani Army eventually discovers her true identity as an Indian spy who has returned to her homeland.

Simultaneously, the trailer also features scenes from India, where women taunt Saima’s husband, Sachin Meena, by calling him “Lappu.” Saima defends her husband, highlighting the need to reflect on their own spouses before passing judgment. The trailer takes an unexpected turn as Saima is seen engaging in religious rituals and bhajans, and her husband stumbles upon a hidden firearm, which leads to their apprehension by officers. It is later unveiled that Saima Haider is not a Pakistani woman but an Indian RAW agent, adding a layer of complexity to the plot. Additionally, various politicians are seen commenting on the ongoing investigation regarding Saima’s true identity.

The trailer has generated significant excitement among the audience, as it offers a glimpse into the film’s storyline. It remains to be seen how well the movie will perform. “Karachi to Noida” is produced by Amit Jani and Bharti Singh and directed by Jayant Sinha. Farheen Faller portrays the character of Saima Haider, and Aditya Raghav plays the role of her husband, Sachin Meena. Other actors, including Rohit Chaudhary and Manoj Bakshi, have also contributed to the film’s narrative.

Who is Seema Haider?

Seema Haider, originally from Pakistan, met Sachin Meena through an online gaming platform while playing PUBG. Their virtual connection blossomed into a romantic relationship, eventually leading Seema to leave Pakistan and relocate to India to be with Sachin. This unique love story between Seema and Sachin has garnered widespread attention and curiosity, serving as the inspiration for “Karachi to Noida.”

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