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May 20, 2024
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Government issues new guidelines for international travellers amid COVID surge, with effect from Dec 24: See details

NEW DELHI: The Government of India has issued new guidelines for international travellers. These new rules have been made due to the increasing Covid cases in several countries.

According to the report, the guidelines will be enforced starting Saturday, December 24.

The new guidelines will be followed by passengers coming to India from abroad, at airports, seaports and land borders. Going forward, the Health Ministry will know randomly test 2 percent of total passengers in a flight, post arrival. Such travellers will be identified by the airlines. Travellers will submit their samples and be allowed to leave the airport thereafter. If a traveller tests positive, their sample will be sent for further genomic sequencing and they will be isolated/treated as per protocol.

These rules were divided into three parts. First during the preparation of the journey, second during the journey and third what are the rules to be followed at the end of the journey.

What is in the new guidelines –

  • All passengers should have been vaccinated according to the approved schedule of vaccination in their country.
  • An announcement should be made during the flight/journey and at all entry points regarding the Corona epidemic and to follow the measures (wearing masks and keeping social distancing) to avoid infection.
  • If symptoms of Covid-19 are found in a passenger during the journey, then he will be isolated as per the rules. That passenger is wearing a mask and will be sent to an isolation facility for treatment.
  • At the end of the journey, passengers will be disembarked with social distancing.
  • Health officials present at the entry gates will conduct thermal screening of the passengers.
  • If a passenger is found infected, he will be immediately isolated and sent to the health center as per the rules.
  • Two percent of the passengers present in the flight will be randomly tested for corona infection.
  • Passengers to be screened will be selected by the airline concerned. They can go from the airport after giving their sample.
  • If the samples of these passengers come positive, they will be sent for genome sequencing.
  • All the passengers should monitor their health themselves after the completion of the journey. If they see any symptoms, they should inform the nearest health facility or helpline number.
  • Children below the age of 12 years will not be screened after the completion of the journey. If they show symptoms of Covid-19 later or under their own supervision, they will be examined and treated.
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