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April 13, 2024
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“Hamas fires 5,000 Rockets in 20 Minutes; Israel on edge”

Jerusalem: In a sudden and alarming turn of events, a significant number of extremists have infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip in a surprise attack. The incursion has prompted widespread concerns and a sense of urgency throughout the nation. Authorities have issued a stern warning, urging residents in the border areas to remain indoors as they assess the situation.

Simultaneously, Palestinian fighters have launched a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, leading to the activation of warning sirens in numerous regions. Reports of explosions have emerged, particularly in areas surrounding Tel Aviv and southern Gaza, where at least one casualty has been reported.

The Israeli military has confirmed that a substantial number of Palestinian fighters have crossed the Gaza border and entered southern Israel, further heightening tensions. Residents residing in proximity to the border have been advised to stay indoors for their safety.

Hamas, the Palestinian extremist group that governs Gaza, has claimed responsibility for these attacks. In a defiant statement, Hamas leader Mohammed Daif declared, “We have decided to declare that enough is enough.” The group has codenamed this operation ‘Al Aqsa Storm’ and asserted that they have launched a staggering five thousand rockets towards Israel within a span of just 20 minutes.

Daif’s statement also highlighted the longstanding grievances held by Hamas against Israeli actions, stating, “The Israeli occupiers have committed hundreds of massacres against our citizens. Hundreds of people have been martyred and injured this year because of the occupiers.”

Furthermore, in a bid to bolster their efforts, Hamas has called upon Lebanese fighters to join the battle against Israel. This development has escalated an already volatile situation in the region.

Images released by the Reuters news agency depict firefighters diligently working to extinguish a fire in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, highlighting the immediate aftermath of the rocket attacks.

In response to the crisis, Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office has convened a meeting of top security officials to assess the situation and formulate a comprehensive response plan. As of the latest reports, one woman has tragically lost her life, while two others have sustained injuries in the attack. According to Israel’s rescue agency, one of the injured individuals is in critical condition, underscoring the severity of the situation and the urgent need for a coordinated response.

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