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June 22, 2024
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Heartbreaking revelation: Skeletons of five family members found in locked home

Chitradurga(Karnataka): In a shocking incident, the skeletal remains of five members of the same family were discovered inside their residence in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka. The police investigation unveiled a haunting tale of seclusion, with the family leading an isolated life and grappling with serious illnesses.

The last known sighting of the family dates back to July 2019, and since then, their house had remained locked. It wasn’t until two months ago that locals, during their morning walks, noticed the main gate’s wooden door had been broken. However, no one reported this unusual occurrence to the police.

Upon a recent police investigation, it was revealed that the house had been subjected to vandalism on multiple occasions. Inside, two skeletons were found on a bed, two on the floor in one room, and additional skeletons in another room.

To delve into the mystery, the police called upon the expertise of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team and Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) from Devengere. Security around the house was heightened to facilitate evidence collection and thorough examination.

The heartbreaking question of whose skeletons lay within the home prompted the police to reach out to acquaintances, relatives, and close contacts. It surfaced that the family had battled prolonged illnesses.

Official Confirmation Links Skeletal Remains to Retired Government Executive Engineer Jagannath Reddy (85) and Family

The skeletal remains discovered are suspected to belong to Jagannath Reddy (85), a retired government executive engineer, along with his wife Prema (80), daughter Triveni (62), and sons Krishna (60) and Narendra (57), as per official sources.

However, the definitive identification of the deceased awaits forensic examination, and the cause of their deaths is slated to be determined through an autopsy.

The police are actively engaged in the investigation, having sent samples to a forensic science lab for detailed analysis of age and other particulars. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to establish ownership of the house and ascertain the individuals residing there.

Details surrounding the circumstances of their demise, whether by suicide or foul play, remain unknown at this juncture. The investigation, coupled with the forthcoming forensic report, will provide clarity on these aspects. Until then, authorities refrain from drawing conclusions or making any statements.

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