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June 12, 2024
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Hindi Goes Global: India’s Massive funding for boosts Hindi language at the United Nations

New York – In a significant move to enhance the presence and usage of Hindi on the global stage, India has contributed a substantial amount of eight crore 20 lakh rupees (equivalent to approximately one million US dollars) to the United Nations. The funds are intended for the promotion and propagation of Hindi within the international organization.

India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, announced the generous contribution, emphasizing its purpose to foster the use, comprehension, and inclusive dialogue of Hindi. The official handle of “India at UN” also confirmed the news, underscoring India’s commitment to furthering the awareness and reach of the Hindi language.

This financial support comes as part of the ongoing “India at UN” project, initiated in 2018 with the objective of spreading awareness about Hindi worldwide. Through this project, India seeks to establish Hindi as a language of prominence and equal representation within the United Nations.

As a testament to the efforts made under the project, the United Nations now produces a weekly audio news bulletin in Hindi. This initiative aims to cater to the linguistic needs of Hindi-speaking audiences and provide them with accurate and timely information about the organization’s activities.

Furthermore, the United Nations has witnessed substantial growth in its Hindi channel’s popularity across various social media platforms. Thousands of followers engage with the channel’s content, indicating a growing interest in Hindi-language updates and information related to the United Nations.

The Indian government’s support for the promotion of Hindi at the United Nations highlights its commitment to preserving and expanding the reach of the language on a global scale. By actively participating in initiatives aimed at the development and promotion of Hindi, India seeks to strengthen cultural ties, facilitate better communication, and promote its rich linguistic heritage on an international platform.

With the support of initiatives like the “India at UN” project, the promotion of Hindi is set to witness significant progress, furthering India’s impact and representation within the international community.

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