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April 22, 2024
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“I did not say anything as such; Himachal CM attempts to clarify controversial remark on Bihari masons”

Shimla: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu has found himself entangled in a web of controversies following his recent remarks about Bihari masons. The remarks, made in an interview with the Indian Express, have sparked outrage and raised concerns about migrant workers’ safety and welfare in the state.

In the interview, Sukhu was quoted as referring to migrant architects as “Bihari architects,” suggesting that they construct buildings with little regard for safety. He purportedly stated, “Migrant architects, whom I call Bihari architects, come here and go on building one floor above the other. We don’t have local masons here.”

The chief minister to ANI news agency clarified the remark and said he did not say anything like that. “The people of Bihar are also stuck here. I got them evacuated by helicopters. Around 200 people from Bihar are still stuck here. They are like our brothers. It is the fault of our structural engineering, they are just labourers,” the CM said.

Buildings collapsed like a pack of cards in the popular tourist destination Shimla this monsoon as the rain-related toll in Himachal Pradesh reached 71. The chief minister said Shimla is an old city with a robust drainage system and the evidence is the tall government buildings standing without any danger. The houses which collapsed did not go through the standards of structural engineering, the CM said.

This statement by the Chief Minister has surfaced amidst alarming incidents of house collapses triggered by landslides in Himachal Pradesh. The visuals of these catastrophic events have sent shockwaves across the nation, leading to questions about the state’s preparedness to handle such emergencies.

Sukhu’s attempt to clarify his statement indicates the sensitivity of the situation. His assertion that the structural engineering of buildings is at fault rather than the workers themselves highlights a crucial aspect of the issue. The safety of all construction workers, regardless of their origin, should be a priority for any responsible government.

Unfolding Events Amidst Himachal Rain: The Scene in Shimla

Shimla, renowned as the Queen of Hills, finds itself in the throes of a monsoon disaster. This picturesque haven in Himachal Pradesh has been grappling with the wrath of nature this season. The tranquility was shattered on a fateful Monday when the iconic Shiv Baudi temple, nestled in the serene Summer Hill area of Shimla, succumbed to a devastating landslide, triggered by an intense cloudburst.

The calamity continued to unfold on the following Tuesday afternoon. Lalpani, a locality in the Krishna Nagar region of Shimla, bore witness to another tragic landslide that resulted in the collapse of five to seven houses. Thankfully, prompt evacuations had been carried out, sparing precious lives.

The saga of destruction wrote another chapter on Wednesday, as yet another colossal landslide struck the Summer Hill area, further exacerbating the region’s woes. As nature’s fury shows no signs of abating, the community and authorities grapple with the immense task of safeguarding lives and minimizing further damage.

The incident sheds light on the broader concerns surrounding the treatment and working conditions of migrant laborers in various parts of India. Migrant workers, often hailing from economically disadvantaged regions, contribute significantly to the construction and development of various states. Their safety and well-being are imperative and must be upheld without discrimination.

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