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March 2, 2024
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India celebrates 77th Independence Day with fervor and patriotic splendor, “PM Modi’s address from Red Fort, pays tribute to India’s heroes of struggle for freedom”

‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ Initiative Paints the Nation Tricolor, PM Modi to Deliver Landmark Address from Red Fort

New Delhi- The 77th anniversary of India’s independence has ignited a wave of nationwide celebrations, as citizens from every corner of the country unite under the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign, adorning their homes with the vibrant hues of the tricolor flag. Festivities have reached a crescendo as the nation prepares for the landmark Independence Day celebrations. In a resplendent display of patriotism, the capital city, Delhi, has transformed into a fortress, fortified by an array of formidable security measures.

The heart of the nation’s capital, the historic Red Fort, stands as a symbol of India’s resilience and progress. Tomorrow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will ascend its ramparts for the tenth consecutive year, unfurling the national flag and delivering a message of hope, inspiration, and unity to the nation.

Last year, from the very same Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi articulated his vision for India’s future. His call for a developed India by 2047, the eradication of colonial vestiges, embracing cultural heritage, fostering unity, and citizens embracing the values of integrity and duty, collectively known as “Panch Prana,” resonated deeply with the citizens. This year’s address is anticipated to carry even greater significance as it marks the last time Prime Minister Modi will address the nation from this historic site before the impending 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Highlighting the significant role of women in the nation’s progress, Prime Minister Modi declared, “Women-led development is the pathway to a prosperous nation.” The accomplishments of Indian women, from pioneering pilots in civil aviation to leading scientific endeavors like the Chandrayaan mission, have garnered international recognition. Prime Minister Modi pledged to further empower women through self-help groups and technology advancements.

Prior to his address at the Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi paid homage to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, at Rajghat. Accompanied by Home Minister Amit Shah and fellow ministers, Prime Minister Modi’s presence was a testament to the gravity of the occasion.

Anticipation has been building as citizens await the Prime Minister’s address, which is expected to feature a comprehensive assessment of his government’s accomplishments over the past decade. The Red Fort’s impressive ambiance, enhanced by meticulously curated decorations, sets the stage for this momentous event. A total of 1800 distinguished guests have been invited to witness the occasion, and to ensure the highest level of security, over 10,000 police personnel have been deployed, along with state-of-the-art camera surveillance and anti-drone systems.

“Modi Pays Respects to India’s Freedom Fighters, Acknowledges Key Anniversaries in Independence Day Address”

Reflecting on the valorous chapters of India’s fight for freedom, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to the towering figures who shaped the nation’s destiny. From the resolute endeavors of Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation and Satyagraha Movements to the indomitable spirit of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, and countless other Bravehearts, he extolled the unwavering commitment of that generation to the cause of liberty.

During his address, Prime Minister Modi highlighted significant milestones in this momentous year. He emphasized the culmination of the 150th birth anniversary celebrations of the visionary revolutionary and spiritual luminary, Sri Aurobindo. Additionally, he commemorated the 150th birth year of Swami Dayanand and the forthcoming jubilant observance of Rani Durgawati’s 500th birth anniversary. The Prime Minister also paid tribute to the legacy of Bhakti Yog Sant Meera Bai, marking 525 years since her timeless contributions. Looking forward, he revealed that the upcoming Republic Day will mark the nation’s 75th year of independence, a poignant milestone in the journey of progress and growth.

“PM Modi Encourages Youth: Abundant Opportunities Await, India’s Technological Role Vital”

In a resonant message to the nation’s youth on the occasion of Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that opportunities abound in the country, awaiting their innovative prowess. Underscoring the boundless potential within India’s reach, he emphasized that the nation is poised to offer as many opportunities as the youth aspire for.

Addressing the trajectory towards a tech-driven world, Prime Minister Modi projected India’s pivotal role in shaping the forthcoming technological era. He remarked, “Today, as the world surges forward on the tide of technology, India’s significance is set to grow. Technology’s realm extends beyond the metropolis; our youth in smaller towns are scripting their own histories. Their enthusiasm, aspirations, and creativity rival any. They forge new apps, devise inventive solutions, and fashion novel devices.”

Reflecting on his interactions at the G20 summit in Bali, he reminisced, “I spoke to global leaders, and our discussions often veered towards technology. I impressed upon them that the innovation isn’t confined to major cities. The spirit of our small-town youth is awe-inspiring. They are rewriting the rules of the game, even as they hail from towns that may be modest in size but not in their ambition.”

He applauded the remarkable feats achieved by underprivileged children, remarking, “Even slum-dwelling children are achieving marvels in the realm of sports.”

Prime Minister Modi celebrated the remarkable achievements of young minds across the country, revealing, “In 100 schools, children are crafting satellites, ready to launch them into the sky. I want our nation’s youth to understand that the opportunities before them are immeasurable; India’s potential to offer avenues for growth surpasses even the most ambitious desires.”

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