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February 28, 2024
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India urges swift evacuation of citizens from Niger amidst ongoing nrest

New Delhi- In light of the escalating violence and growing unrest following a recent coup in Niger, the Indian government has issued a crucial advisory to its citizens, urging them to depart from the strife-ridden nation without delay.

Currently, approximately 250 Indian nationals find themselves in Niger amidst an atmosphere of heightened insecurity triggered by the recent political upheaval. In response to the precarious situation, the Ministry of External Affairs has released a statement advising its citizens to prioritize their safety and exit the nation as swiftly as possible.

The Ministry’s spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, communicated the advisory during the weekly media briefing, emphasizing that the Indian government is closely monitoring the unfolding events in Niger. As a cautionary measure, individuals planning to travel to Niger have been encouraged to exercise prudence and await the restoration of normalcy before embarking on their journeys.

Given the gravity of the circumstances, the spokesperson underlined that Indian citizens currently in Niger should prioritize their safety and heed the advisory to leave the country without delay. However, it was also noted that due to the current closure of airspace, departing through land borders is the only viable option. This necessitates a cautious approach and adherence to security protocols during the exit process.

To facilitate communication and assistance, the Indian Embassy has been actively engaged in providing guidance to citizens. A dedicated helpline number (+227 9975 9975) has been shared for Indian nationals in Niger to seek guidance and support.

Notably, several European nations have undertaken the evacuation of their citizens from Niger due to the deteriorating situation. As India extends its commitment to the safety and well-being of its citizens abroad, the advisory serves as a pivotal reminder of the need to prioritize security during times of uncertainty and unrest.

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