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April 13, 2024
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“Is drinking animal milk essential for humans?”, Spark on world’s most populous country by Ashwini Joshi

Nawanshar (Punjab): In a sarcastic tone, senior social worker and environmentalist Ashwani Joshi from Nawanshahr (Punjab) commented on India’s population reaching the number one spot in the world. According to him, this great achievement is thanks to the country’s governments, political parties, some selfish leaders, and illiteracy. He also shared an old joke about a village where the population increased due to a train passing by after midnight and waking up sleeping people, suggesting that India’s population growth might be similarly attributed to a lack of education.

Returning to the main topic, Joshi expressed that although the Lord intended for milk to be produced by mothers of milk-giving creatures for their offspring, humans have become so selfish and cruel that they now consume animal milk not only for their children but for themselves as well. This has led to humans exploiting and consuming milk from a wide range of animals, leaving few species unaffected. Common examples include cows, buffaloes, goats, camels, donkeys, and sheep.

Joshi suggests that just as mother’s milk is considered to be the best food for human infants, it should also be considered the best food for animal offspring. He quotes the famous saying, “As the food, so the mind. As the milk so is brain!” and leaves further discussion up to the reader’s independent thinking, as their views and knowledge are their own.

However, Joshi emphasizes the importance of paying attention to the issue at hand. While people are already consuming animal flesh, unchecked population growth could lead to the consumption of human flesh. Furthermore, given the current state of agriculture, the resources used to raise animals for milk could be used to feed humans instead.

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