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June 25, 2024
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It is not the officer’s job to tweet, action may be take, CM Nitish Kumar says on Vikas Vaibhav’s viral tweet

Patna: IPS Vikas Vaibhav has come into the limelight after a screenshot of a tweet went viral. He has made serious allegations against Home Guard and Fire Services DG Shobha Ahotkar. He has accused her of abusing him unnecessarily. However, after becoming a topic of discussion, Vikas Vaibhav deleted the tweet immediately. But some other tweets are on his handle, from which it can be guessed.

At the same time, in this case, during the Samadhan Yatra in Purnia on Friday, CM Nitish Kumar said that the officer’s job is not to tweet. You tell your problem at the right place. Talk to your senior officer. Such things should not be announced publicly. This is the law.

According to the information, Nitish Kumar said in this matter that it is not appropriate to say anything in this matter right now. Regarding all these matters, the officials have been asked to get the investigation done first, but tweeting is not the job of an officer doing a job. that is not good. If there is a problem with anything, then first of all you should tell your seniors. Information should be given to the authorities privately.

Screenshot of Vikas Vaibhav’s tweet is going viral

Actually, Vikas Vaibhav has written on his Twitter handle that ‘Yatri _ mind is distraught! Wants to be free from bondage! Circumstances may seem to create obstacles, but the #traveller’s mind also knows that no one can bind the #traveller’s mind! What is determined will pave its own way! Everything else is illusion but action is important!’

Apart from this, Vikas Vaibhav has also tweeted a Sanskrit verse. In which meaning is also written in Hindi. It states that “a learned and humble man captivates (attracts) everyone’s mind. Just as the combination of gold and gems gives pleasure to everyone’s eyes.

Apart from this, two Facebook slides of Vikas Vaibhav are also viral, in which it is said that ‘the most saddened was when after the 9th class Anubhuti, he was again abused by saying Bihar because he believes that the Chief Minister of Bihar has appointed him as DG. Not considered eligible and not selected. Since he was working for Homeguards and Fire Services to become DG, but he was so disappointed that he could not even control his words, I am really moved. Many great men in Maharashtra are my idols. Chhatrapati Shivaji and Swatantraveer are inspirations. The traveler’s mind is dynamic and will remain so.

Let me tell you, Vikas Vaibhav is one of the famous IPS of Bihar. Very active on social media. Runs ‘Let’s Inspire Bihar’ campaign on social media. Along with this, IAPS Vikas Vaibhav is associated with many social works. Presently posted as IG, Homeguards and fire Services.

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