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April 23, 2024
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Video: “Ja Morant’s repeat offense: allegedly display flaunting a gun on Instagram, sparks controversy”

Memphis Grizzlies star: Ja Morant has recently been embroiled in some controversy off the field. He was banned for showing a gun on Instagram Live, and is now linked to another gun incident.

“It’s not who I am,” Morant said. “I don’t condone any type of violence but I take full responsibility for my actions. I made a bad mistake, and I can see that image I painted over myself with my recent mistakes, but in the future, I’ll make sure everybody knows who Ja really is, and what I’m about and change this narrative.”

In an interview with ESPN days later, Morant apologized for his own actions and said he did not own a gun.

Morant came under fire about two months ago for showing off a firearm on his Instagram Live. A video recently surfaced showing Morant and his friend making gun signs by hand in a car. Another video appears to show Morant holding what appears to be a gun, but no details are available as to when or where it was filmed.

In March, Morant got into trouble for pointing a gun at an Instagram livestream from a nightclub. This put the team on hiatus, and leaked images showed Morant surrounded by dancers and money. During the offseason, Morant made headlines for allegedly punching a teenager during a basketball game and for allegedly carrying a visible gun in his waistband. He also got into an altercation with a Memphis police officer at a mall, accompanied by his friend.

Reports by Gus Garcia Roberts and Molly Hensley Clancy in The Washington Post suggest that the Memphis Grizzlies and the NBA tried to downplay those incidents.

As a result, Morant stepped away from basketball to deal with personal issues, and the NBA suspended him for eight games.

The out-of-court controversy surrounding Ja Morant has received widespread attention and caused concern among fans and the league. The Memphis Grizzlies star may have reassured many with the word that he would change history, but this latest video shared below could make things even worse for him.

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