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June 23, 2024
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Jan Suraj Padyatra in Bihar: Prashant Kishor receives warm welcome in Vaishali

Vaishali: Amid starting Jan Suraj’s Padyatra from West Champaran on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday anniversary, Political strategist Prashant Kishor were warmly welcomed by people at Ramashish Chowk in Hajipur.

Prashant Kishor’s fans were already present on the spot amid the ruckus. On the way to Champaran, as soon as the convoy of Prashant Kishor reached Ramashish Chowk, he was given a warm welcome under the leadership of Sudhir Shukla.

However, The yatra is likely to take anywhere between 12-18 months and it is being widely seen to be a likely precursor to his entry in politics even though he has often stressed that any such decision can only be taken by people who associate themselves with his campaign.

Supporters welcomed Prashant Kishor with flower garlands in the padyatra. During the campaign, speakers continued to be played and slogans continued to be raised.

Slogans of Jan Suraj Zindabad, Prashant Kishor Zindabad continued and Prashant Kishor proceeded with his convoy for Champaran Yatra.

According to the report, He will start his journey from Gandhi Ashram in Bhitiharwa in West Champaran, where the father of the nation had launched his first satyagraha movement in 1917.

In the run up to the yatra, Kishor had been touring the backward areas to interact with members of civil society, emphasising that the state does not merely need a change of government but require coming together of well-meaning people to transform the system.

The statement said the yatra has three main goals, including identifying right people at the grassroots and bring them on a democratic platform.

Let us tell you that Prashant Kishor’s padyatra is of 3500 kms for the whole Bihar area. Prashant Kishor’s slogan is Join the padyatra for yourself and your children for a better future and for building a new Bihar.

Kishor started Jan Suraj from Vaishali, the world’s first republic. He had also formed his first committee in Vaishali. Perhaps this is the reason why he has been given a grand welcome on the land of Vaishali like any big politician.

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