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May 23, 2024
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JD(U) MLA Gopal Mandal abused journalists, who questioned him on flaunts revolver in Bihar hospital

Patna: CM Nitish Kumar’s party JDU MLA Gopal Mandal has crossed all limits today and once again found himself embroiled in a controversy that has raised concerns about decorum and responsibility.  Where is Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sleeping? If this is not Jungle Raj, then what else is it?

According to the report, when journalists in Patna questioned JDU MLA Gopal Mandal about his revolver-waving incident, he became visibly agitated. The video footage captures the MLA’s offensive remarks directed at the journalists in attendance.

In the capital of Patna, journalists confronted JDU MLA Gopal Mandal regarding his actions, and his response was far from restrained. Video footage captured the MLA using abusive language towards the journalists who were simply seeking answers.

The JDU MLA said, “We will wave pistols… you guys (journalists) are our fathers.” However, in response to the question, JDU MLA Gopal Mandal was calmly making excuses. Gopal Mandal said, “He had left his belt and took the revolver. He kept the revolver in his pyjamas.” As soon as he said this, the journalists asked him whether he would wave it in his hand? In response to which the MLA forgot the decorum of language.

This incident raises serious questions about the values and conduct upheld by the JDU party. Is this the standard of behavior they endorse? Is it acceptable to resort to verbal abuse and threats? These questions were posed by the media when they confronted Gopal Mandal about his inappropriate language.

Several Journalist surrounded the JDU MLA and started questioning him on this kind of language. Started asking whether this is the culture of JDU? Will you abuse? Will you commit hooliganism? After this Gopal Mandal started running away to save himself. During this, the security personnel surrounded him and then took him to the meeting hall of Lalan Singh.

What is the matter of waving the revolver?

Narendra Neeraj alias Gopal Mandal is JDU MLA from Gopalpur. The incident itself took place on the evening of October 3rd when the MLA entered Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College cum Hospital (JLNMCH) while brandishing a revolver. This action shocked those present at the hospital, some of whom captured the scene on video. Journalists later confronted him, seeking clarification on his actions and the reasons behind carrying a revolver into a hospital.

According to the report,  He came to the hospital with his granddaughter for a CT Scan. When someone questioned him about the firearm, he said: “It is a thing that needs to be held in hand and not on the hip. (Hath Me Lekar Nahi Chalege to Kya Kamar Me Rakhege).”

“In the past, criminals were after me and hence I was carrying firearms. Now, political persons are after me. They know that I will become an MP in the next election and hence they are after me. I am holding a revolver in hand in self defence. If any one dares anything against me here or anywhere, I will shoot him. Our community has the highest number of voters who vote for me and they will make me MP,” Mandal said while referring to the caste-based survey report where the populations of his caste are the highest in the region.

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