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February 22, 2024
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‘Kapda Teri Lanka ka…”Objectionable dialogues removed from film ‘Adipurush’ amidst controversy, Hanuman’s new words revealed”, Watch Video

MUMBAI: Controversy has surrounded the film ‘Adipurush’, directed by Om Raut and written by Manoj Muntashir, since its release, mainly due to objectionable dialogues. These dialogues were criticized as derogatory and hurtful to religious sentiments. However, the filmmakers have taken steps to address these concerns by removing the objectionable dialogues and introducing new dialogues in their place. Recently, a video has emerged featuring Hanuman speaking the revised dialogues in Adipurush.

In a particular scene depicting a part of the Ramayana where an attempt is made to set fire to Hanuman’s tail, the original dialogues written by Manoj Muntashir were as follows: Indrajit says, ‘Jali na? Ab aur jyada jalne wala hai. Gareeb aadmi ko bas wohi aata hai jo hasne wala hota hai.’ (Do you feel the burn? It’s going to burn even more. Poor people only know how to laugh.) However, changes have been made to Hanuman’s response. In the revised dialogues, the word ‘father’ has been replaced with ‘Lanka’, and his new dialogue goes as follows: ‘Kapda teri Lanka ka, tel teri Lanka ka, aag bhi teri Lanka ki aur jalegi teri Lanka hi.’ (The cloth belongs to your Lanka, the oil belongs to your Lanka, and the fire belongs to your Lanka; only your Lanka will burn.)

A video clip featuring this revised dialogue has gone viral on social media. It’s worth noting that the original dialogues by Manoj Muntashir sparked significant opposition and calls for a ban on the film. The All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) even wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding a ban on the film’s release and labeling it as a shameful movie that should be prohibited from being aired on OTT platforms or satellite television. Additionally, there have been demands to file an FIR against the film’s team.

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