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June 20, 2024
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Karnataka Police busts sex racket in Bengaluru; Model traps over 50 men for money

Bengaluru: In a startling development, Karnataka’s law enforcement has successfully dismantled a sex racket operating within the heart of the state’s capital, Bengaluru. The investigation has revealed a disturbing narrative where a Mumbai-based model allegedly used her allure to ensnare more than 50 unsuspecting men, extracting substantial amounts of money from them through coercion and blackmail. The police have now brought this shocking matter to light.

According to reports circulating in the media, the model, aided by her male accomplices, practiced the unsettling tactic of honey trapping. It is alleged that the model’s modus operandi involved creating sex videos after entrapping men with her physical appeal. Subsequently, she would reportedly manipulate her victims by leveraging the explicit videos to blackmail them. Those who resisted parting with their money allegedly faced threats of having their private videos made public, creating a distressing situation for them. It is believed that the model has amassed an astounding sum of Rs 35 lakh through these means.

The discovery of this disturbing operation unfolded when a brave victim decided to step forward and file a formal complaint with the police. The victim identified the woman behind the scheme as Neha, also known as Meher. The victim revealed that the initial contact was established through the messaging platform Telegram, and their interaction later moved to WhatsApp. During their conversations, the woman purportedly spun a tale of having a husband based in Dubai, thereby luring the victim into an online relationship. As trust was cultivated, she went on to express a desire for a physical relationship and even shared personal pictures and her address.

The unsettling tale took an even darker turn when the victim visited the woman’s residence. Upon arrival, he found himself confronted by three more individuals, who swiftly escalated the situation. Demanding a hefty sum of Rs 3 lakh, the trio allegedly threatened public humiliation and forced marriage if their demands weren’t met. In a state of duress, the victim succumbed and transferred Rs 21,500 from his mobile device.

Even after this payment, the ordeal was far from over. The victim found himself held against his will, while the assailants demanded an additional sum of Rs 2.5 lakh from his credit card. As the victim insisted that his credit card was at home, the accused devised a plan to accompany him there. However, en route, the victim managed to escape their grasp, evading capture.

Prompted by the complaint, the police launched a thorough investigation, unearthing a trail of victims in this sordid affair. So far, the authorities have apprehended all three members of the gang involved, though the central figure, the model herself, remains at large. The police believe her location is in Mumbai and are actively working to apprehend her.

As the details continue to emerge, this chilling case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and caution in the digital age. The police’s efforts to bring all those involved to justice underscore their dedication to protecting the public from such manipulative and exploitative schemes.

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