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February 28, 2024
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Kejriwal appeals to country to Boycott China goods, attacks centre over trade  

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal has targeted the central government after the battle between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh.

Kejriwal has said that the government should show courage and stop the import of goods from China while respecting the soldiers of India.

“I appeal to everyone to stop buying Chinse goods. I also want to appeal to the centre to not blow down before China, “CM Kejriwal said.

Addressing the party’s National Council meeting, Kejriwal said that “China’s aggression on the border is increasing but the BJP central government says that everything is fine.”

Kejriwal said, “Instead of punishing China, the Modi government is gifting it by increasing imports from China, while on the other hand Indian soldiers are putting their lives at risk while fighting Chinese soldiers.”

Kejriwal said, “For the last few years, China is showing us eyes, every now and then it makes small and big attacks, the soldiers of our country are strongly fighting China on the border, even giving their lives, many soldiers have Gave his life, it is heard that China has entered so many kilometers inside. The government says that everything is fine, it comes in the social media that everything is not fine.

Kejriwal said that the Government of India should show strength to China and compete with it.

Kejriwal said that most of the goods imported from China to India should be such that they can be easily made in India only.

He said, “Slippers, clothes, toys are being imported from China, can’t India make these things? Glasses are coming from there, can’t they be made in India. These people have some compulsion that they have given India They have done this in front of China. They argue that goods come cheap from China, India does not want cheap goods, they will buy expensive goods made in their country. People of India are patriots, they buy their country’s goods even at double the price. can buy.”

Kejriwal also appealed to boycott Chinese goods.

He said, “I appeal to the people to stop buying Chinese goods, I appeal to the government and the BJP to show a little courage, stop importing Chinese goods. has bowed down, it should not do so. The day we start showing eye to China and stop importing, China will know its status.”

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