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June 14, 2024
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Leadership shake-up in JDU ahead of 2024 Elections: Lalan Singh resigns, Nitish Kumar proposed as successor, full report so far

In a significant development within the Janata Dal (United) party ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Lalan Singh has tendered his resignation from the position of party president during the ongoing JDU National Executive meeting in Delhi. Following Singh’s resignation, there was a unanimous proposal to appoint Nitish Kumar as the new president of the party, although an official announcement is still pending.

KC Tyagi’s Stance on the New JDU President

Addressing the issue of the new party president, Janata Dal United leader KC Tyagi declared that no formal announcement would be made before 5 pm. Initially, Tyagi had conveyed that Nitish Kumar had been elected as the president in the national executive meeting, as reported by news agency PTI. However, he later clarified that neither he nor any other individual was authorized to comment on the matter.

BJP Leader Samrat Chaudhary’s Response to Leadership Change in JDU and Alliance Speculations

Bihar BJP President Samrat Chaudhary expressed skepticism regarding the news of Lalan Singh’s resignation and Nitish Kumar’s anticipated presidency. Chaudhary remarked that the significant aspect is that “Nitish Kumar is a private limited party… There is no such talk (of Nitish Kumar joining NDA), no discussion is going on on this…”. Dismissing speculations about JDU joining BJP, he asserted that there have been no discussions at the national or state level.

Is Bihar Chief Minister and JDU founder Nitish Kumar poised to resume leadership of the party?

Responding to these queries, JDU leader and Bihar Building Construction Minister Ashok Chaudhary remarked that if Nitish Kumar wishes to assume the presidency, there may be individuals who harbor reservations about him taking on the role.

Chaudhary stated, “Nitish ji is a brand; everything revolves around Nitish ji.”

However, when questioned about the agenda of the National Executive, he expressed irritation, saying, “How can the agenda be disclosed beforehand? The agenda will be presented during the executive committee meeting.”

Vijay Chaudhary Emerges as Potential Next JDU President

There are speculations suggesting that Finance Minister Vijay Chaudhary is being considered as the next president. When asked about his willingness to take on the role, Vijay Chaudhary informed journalists that he was the first to express interest in the position.

Lalan Singh’s Pre-Resignation Statement and Reactions within JDU Leadership

In his presidential speech preceding the resignation, Lalan Singh attributed his decision to step down to his involvement in electoral activities. He proposed Nitish Kumar as his successor, pledging to continue working in the party’s interest. JDU leaders, responding to Lalan Singh’s resignation, expressed support for whatever decisions their leaders make. Senior Bihar government minister Vijay Chaudhary suggested that Lalan Singh’s resignation was prompted by his intent to contest the Lok Sabha elections, dispelling rumors of him joining BJP as unnecessary.

Who is Lalan Singh ? A Key Player in Bihar Politics, From JP Movement to JDU National President

Lalan Singh, also known as Rajiv Ranjan Singh, has been a key figure in Bihar politics alongside CM Nitish Kumar for decades. Appointed as the national president of JDU in July 2021, he replaced RCP Singh. Lalan Singh, associated with the dominant Bhumihar caste, started his political journey in student politics and played a role in the JP movement. Despite a brief departure from JDU between 2010 and 2013, he has been a consistent ally.

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