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April 22, 2024
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Monsoon Blessings in Bihar: Farmers rejoice as rain revives hopes for bountiful harvest, “Continuous rain forecast for next five days”

Motihari/Patna: The transformative impact of the monsoon has finally graced North Bihar, casting a soothing and rejuvenating veil over the region. The once arid landscapes have come alive with intermittent rains over the past four days, breathing life back into the earth. Among those celebrating the monsoon’s arrival, the farming community stands out as the greatest beneficiaries, their faces radiating joy and gratitude for the blessing bestowed by the rain gods.

The monsoon’s long-awaited arrival has brought an end to the anxious wait endured by farmers who had been tirelessly preparing their fields for paddy planting. The initial anticipation had been palpable, leaving farmers with eyes like stones and faces flushed with hope. Now, with the relentless downpour, those same faces have blossomed, painted with a newfound optimism.

Farmers’ concerns over potential damage to their precious paddy crops have been eased, replaced with the hopeful belief that continued rains of this nature will ensure a healthy yield. Fields, previously parched and barren, are now transformed into fertile ground ready for planting. The once-dry earth has been quenched, not only with moisture but also with the very essence of life, water. A sentiment of contentment and relief pervades among the farming community.

According to the Meteorological Department’s forecast, Sitamarhi district is expected to receive 30 mm of rain on August 9 and 10, 25 mm on August 11, 10 mm on August 12, and 20 mm on August 13. A stark contrast from last year’s figures, where Sitamarhi recorded 388.10 mm of rain in August, this year had only seen 106.11 mm of rain until August 5. Favorable rainfall predictions extend to other districts including Supaul, Saharsa, Madhubani, Darbhanga, Kishanganj, West Champaran, East Champaran, Muzaffarpur, and Samastipur.

Rainfall Projections in the Coming Days The meteorological forecast indicates that North Bihar is poised to receive abundant rainfall over the next five days. This welcomed trend of consistent rain is predicted to persist, bringing much-needed relief to regions that have grappled with drought and water scarcity in recent months. The overcast skies and the gentle rhythm of raindrops provide a comforting reassurance that Mother Nature is replenishing the earth.

As per the India Meteorological Department’s advisory, the maximum temperatures in North Bihar are projected to range from 29 to 33 degrees Celsius, accompanied by predominantly easterly winds blowing at speeds of 11 to 15 km per hour.

Flood Threat Returns Amidst the celebration of abundant rainfall, there exists a caveat in the form of potential flooding. The Bagmati and Lalbakeya rivers in the Bargania block are treading perilously close to their danger marks, raising concerns of inundation in surrounding areas. Unceasing rains in Nepal’s hilly terrains have engorged these rivers, threatening nearby villages. Floodwaters have infiltrated many parts of the Chakwa Panchayat, creating challenges for both human inhabitants and livestock. The resilient spirit of the community is evident as they navigate these challenges, ever watchful of nature’s unpredictable moods.

The interplay of monsoon’s bounty and the looming flood risk encapsulates the complex relationship between humans and nature, where the same element that brings life also carries the potential for destruction. The people of North Bihar continue to display unwavering resilience in the face of these seasonal trials, embracing both the blessings and challenges that monsoon bestows upon them.

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