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May 21, 2024
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Motihari: Garbage processing plant built at worth Rs 4 crores got damaged, which inaugurated in 2018, what to says Mayor Preeti Kumari

Motihari: The waste processing plant built at a cost of about Rs 4 crores was inaugurated in April 2018 by the local MP, former Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh. Due to which the people of the city had a hope that they would get freedom from the accumulation of garbage on the side of the road. But after 5 years it got damaged. At present, the municipal waste is now being thrown on the roadside. People have been facing trouble again. After the recently held municipal elections, the new mayor has been elected by the people. While not only this, the bodies of dead animals are also thrown on the roadside in the city. Due to which people have to face a lot of trouble.

A few years ago, a segregation plant was set up for disposal of garbage from all the wards of the Municipal Corporation. In which there was a plan to make different fertilizers from wet and dry waste.

What did newly elected Mayor Preeti Kumari say

The newly elected Mayor of Municipal Corporation Preeti Kumari said through the media that my first priority is to make the city free from garbage. Apart from this, the garbage plant which is closed should be started again. We have started the cleaning work.

Councilor Ankit Kumar of Ward No. 37 of Municipal Corporation said that about 18,000 tonnes of garbage is collected in the city in per day. Due to which it is becoming very difficult to throw. It should be fixed as soon as possible.

Pollution is spreading due to throwing garbage on the roadside; the townspeople are also worried

After the installation of the garbage processing plant, the people of the city got a hope that the city would get rid of garbage. But it got worse with the passage of time. Due to which the people of many wards are facing a lot of trouble. The purpose of setting up the dumping zone and segregation plant was to keep the city clean and sell the compost made from the waste. For this, an amount of more than four crores was spent from the fund of the then Municipal Council.

Tell you that two machines were installed in the garbage processing plant. One is wet waste, the other is dry waste.

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