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May 22, 2024
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Motihari: Mother gives birth to twins with two bodys’ one head in PHC in Kesariya, crowd gathered in hospital, watch video

KESARIYA(MOTIHAR): A unique birth has been reported in the hospital. A woman who has reached for delivery at Kesariya’s PHC hospital. During the treatment, doctor came as a god for the patient. When a woman suffering from the pain of delivery was checked up, it was found that two lives were growing in her stomach. In such a situation, the doctor performed a successful operation and gave life to the mother and her two children.

You may also be surprised to look these pictures or you may not even be able to see them. Born with two bodies and one head, this child is alive and healthy.

According to reports, Jayant Kumar said that after examining patient Roshni Khatoon suffering from labor pain at PHC Hospital in Keshariya of Motihari district, it was found that two babies are growing in her stomach, which are connected to each other. The challenge before the doctor was to save three lives. The doctor successfully delivered both the babies and saved three lives.

Jayant said that the brains of both the children were connected and it is impossible to separate the brains by surgery.

At the same time, there was a crowd outside the hospital to see the twins. Doctors said that such cases are found very rarely.

The new born twin child residence is being told as Sarotar, area of Dumariya Ghat Police Station. The twin mother’s name is Roshni Khatoon and father’s Hasnain Miya.

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